Come in today to find out how Microdermabrasion treatments can target specific skin concerns:

Premature Ageing

-Fine Lines & Wrinkles


-Coarse texture

Uneven Skintone


-Dull Skintone

-Age Spots

Skin Congestion

-Post acne scarring


-Enlarged pores

Resurface the skin with gentle exfoliation to reveal a more supple and vibrant complexion.

Beautiful Young Woman


The treatment stimulates the production of new cells resulting in improving the overall appearance of the skin.




Microdermabrasion followed by a luxurious facial, neck and shoulder massage by a mask prescribed to each individual skin type and finished with SPF 30+ tinted or untinted.




The latest technology in Microdermabrasion. You won’t believe the results!


Microdermabrasion - Q&A

Q. What is microdermabrasion?

A. A procedure when diamond tipped heads, driven by an airflow, are used to abrade the surface of the skin.

Q. What exactly does abrasion do?

A. Abrasion gently removes dead skin cells and skin debris, whilst at the same time the aspiration stimulates cell renewal and the production of collagen and elastin.

Q. Can anybody benefit from a microdermabrasion treatment?

A. Yes, any skin type will benefit from a microdermabrasion treatment.

     It helps to improve or eliminate various skin imperfections.

     Eg: Acne and acne scarring; Pigmentation/ sun damaged skin; Open pores/congested /dull skin; Fine lines and wrinkles.

Q. Is a consultation important prior to the treatment?

A. A consultation is a very important part of your microdermabrasion treatment, to explain what we can do to achieve the appropriate result.