Peel Treatments

Peeling - Q&A

Face Scrub


This peel can create a great deal of exfoliation and is perfect for thick, clogged and pigmented skin.




Lactic Acid is a hydrating and nourishing approach for a finer, more mature complexion.


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Ultraceuticals has created a peel derived from bitter almonds to eliminate dead skin cells, unblock pores and activate the skin's natural regeneration cycle. This peel is ideal for all skin types and skin conditions and has anti-bacterial benefits.


Q. What is the difference between a facial scrub and a peel treatment?

A. A facial scrub is an over the counter purchased exfoliant, which removes surface impurities of the skin. A professional peel treatment offers fast results of concerns; eg, dissolves excess skin flakes, deep cleanses the pores, treats pigment disorder, promotes cell renewal etc. and only can be performed by a dermal therapist, nurse or doctor.

Q. How will I know which peel treatment will be suitable for my skin?

A. A   client consultation is the most important step to identify concerns, medical or otherwise.

Assessing your skin condition to determine the best peel treatment for your skin.

Explaining the risk, downtime and post-treatment care.