Dermapen Decolletage & Neck

Service Description

Dermapen utilises multiple needles to vertically pierce the skin creating fine channels which can carry up to 80% more topical nutrients/products encouraging them deeper into the skin. It is so advanced it is even suitable and safe to use in delicate and hard-to-reach areas. Dermapen can be used to treat the appearance of: - Ageing skin - Vertical lip line - Skin tightening and rejuvenation - Enlarged pores - Scars Skin needling with Dermapen - Q&A ​ Q. What is skin needling and what is the purpose of this treatment? A. Dermapen’s unique spring-loaded needle cartridge, with 12 needles in each tip, harmoniously vibrates and glides over the skin driven by a multiple-speed motor. Q. Will I need a consultation before my treatment? A. You will have an initial consultation with our dermal practitioner. We will assess your skin condition and determine the best treatment. Q. Who can benefit from skin needling? A. Skin needling is intended to stimulate the skin for natural collagen induction. Great treatment to minimize acne scars and open pores, Improves wrinkles and fine lines. Q. Are serums used with skin needling? A. Yes, the serum will be infused by the needling device gliding over the skin. Q. Do I need anesthetic cream before the treatment? A. We do recommend an application of topical numbing cream 30 minutes before treatment. Q. Can I have a microdermabrasion treatment before skin needling? A. For an optimal effect, dermabrasion to remove dead cells is advisable. Q. Will I be able to go out or back to work after skin needling? A. Because the skin might be slightly pink and swollen, which usually settles over the next day, we would recommend a needling treatment before the weekend so your skin has enough time to recover. ​Q. What are the possible side effects or complications? A. The treatment can cause: Acne eruption in patients suffering from advanced acne Cold sore eruption. Inflammation, although very mild ​Q. Can I exercise after my treatment? A . Avoid activities for up to 2 days following your treatment as well as sun exposure, hot showers, facial treatments, laser, chemical peels muscle relaxant injections, and dermal fillers.