Ferment Peel

Service Description

The Ferment peel is based on natural ingredients such as sulfur, refined bran and magnesium. With the use of vapor to keep the peel moist, this treatment is ideal for skin with a tendency to acne and impurities as well as a pick me up for mature stressed skin. Ferment Peel carefully clears away the skin's dead cells and prepares the skin for faster and more intensive absorption of applied products and their active ingredients. Q: Will I experience any downtime following the treatment? A: No downtime at all, you can resume your normal activities. Q: Do I need to wear sunscreen? A: Yes, you should always apply a sunscreen before going outdoors. Q. How will I know which peel treatment will be suitable for my skin? A. A client consultation is the most important step to identify concerns, medical or otherwise. Assessing your skin condition to determine the best peel treatment for your skin. Explaining the risk, downtime, and post-treatment care.