Laser Treatments

Flip the switch on your skin with the power of BroadBand Light(BBL).

Service Description

Addressing common concerns such as age spots, pigmentation and facial veins, and acne BBL is a corrective treatment which assists to restore your skin to it's natural beauty, making it clearer and smoother. BBL stimulates your skin cells to regenerate and results in more even skin tone. BBL reaches deep into your skin cells and activates certain genes which assists your body to create more the of the kinds of proteins and building blocks in you skin that you had when you were younger. The photothermal energy will help to reduce and eliminate small vessels that cause redness and reduce unwanted melanin spots that produce age and sun sports. Non invasive treatment with minimal downtime There will be some redness post treatment that should resolve within a few hours. There may be some slight swelling with the redness. Some areas of pigmentation will darken and then fade and flake off over the next few days. How many treatments varies from client to client, and your clinician will personalise a treatment plan for you. Regular treatments at least once per year- have shown to reduce the aging process and allow clients to have fresher, younger-looking skin than prior to treatment.